How the am. shape subscription works!

Our Vegan Protein Blend

All our Protein Powders are 100% Vegan and Gluten Free. We’re proud to have an amazing production team based here in the UK which we’ve worked closely with to formulate both a great tasting and very lean protein powder which is only 106 calories per serving and contains 21 grams of protein per serving!

Whether for top performance or just for everyday life and in the gym, we want you to fuel your body with the cleanest and best supplements that’s why we launched am. shape

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Our Super Greens

With Super Greens we’ve designed a product which is packed full of naturally occurring goodness and doses of high value natural compounds including spirulina, spinach, barley, broccoli and kale.

This was specifically designed for both people who are ‘on the go’ or people just looking to get an extra kick of their daily greens! We found this to be a great compliment to our Vegan Protein line as we usually mix both in with smoothies & shakes! 

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Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

Our Multi-Vitamins and Minerals we specifically designed for fit within our focus towards natural health and veganism, these provide a high spectrum of both Vitamins and Minerals to maintain overall wellbeing. 

Our key focus towards a Vegan diet means these provide a full NRV per serving for vitamin B12 and 50% NRV for vitamin B6 along with 17 other Vitamins and Minerals.  

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